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Need help shifting your vibe? Stuck in an energetic rut? Need a safe space to just chat?  Looking to add something unique to your next event?

Olgatibiri is the creator of Calmbiente a lifestyle brand whos mission is to help people reclaim and reconnect with their own energy.

Olgatibiri is a self proclaimed Curiosity and accountability coach who has worked over 5 years in the self development and wellness space.
Her mission is to help people tap into their energy , connect the dots  of their journey & regain their sense of awe and wonder so that they can tap into their most creative and joyful selves.

Through guided meditations, intuitive  practices and curated talks,  Olga delivers a customized experience to help people become fully present, gain awareness and create shifts to help invite positivity curiosity and a sense of peace.

Olgatibiri is available for small and large events as well as private sessions for meditations. As well as offering consultations designed as a safe container to discuss and explore anything that is coming up as a personal block because sometimes all you need is an open ear an open mind and a bit of compassion to help you get through it.
If you would like to inquire about in person private sessions, to request a time not listed in the calendar, for events  or general questions please email
[email protected]
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